We are now enrolling for the 2019 school year. Instructions on how to register your child are listed below.


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Mrs. Phyllis & Mrs. Sheila & Mrs. Peggy

We are now enrolling for the 2019 school year. Space is limited and offered to children who will be five (5) years old by October 1, 2019. Parents are welcome to tour our center between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm, Monday thru Friday. We have an open door policy. Therefore, we do not require an appointment to tour our center. Stop in to meet our highly trained staff. You will soon come to know why our center is the best McDonough has to offer!

Information about our Pre-K program:
* We offer a half day program for $70.00 per week. Hours are 6:00am to 12:00pm and include breakfast and lunch. No nap is provided.
* We offer a full day program for $135.00 per week. Hours are 6:00am to 6:30pm and include breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. Nap is provided between the hours of 12:00pm and 2:00pm.
* Both programs include weekly Spanish, computer and music classes at no additional charge.
* All arts & crafts supplies and all curriculum materials are included. There are no hidden fees!

* Classes are taught by degreed teachers who are CPR & First Aid Certified and complete ongoing training such as Safety 1-2-3, Child Neglect and Abuse, Building Blocks of Nutrition and more.
* We utilize several curriculums including High Scope, Creative Curriculum and Funshine Express so that students are exposed to a variety of learning methods.
* On site learning activities are provided throughout the year such as visits from Johnny Appleseed, the Science Guy, the Tooth Fairy, the Reptile Guy, the Henry County Fire Department, the Henry County Police Department, the Humane Society, etc.
* We are a proud participant with the Child and Adult Care Food Program. We serve only healthy and nutritious meals and snacks that meet or exceed USDA food pyramid guidelines. All meals are included at no additional charge.
* An end of the year Pre-K Graduation is scheduled in May. This includes a cap & gown ceremony, awards & certificates, slideshow presentation, music & dance productions, etc. We welcome as many family and friends to attend in support of their special Pre-K graduate!

How to enroll your child in our Pre-K program:
* Return the Enrollment forms. Click here to print now!
* Return your child's Certificate of Immunization form 3231. Click here to view a sample form, policies and vaccine requirements.
* Pay the $50.00 Registration fee. Cash, check and debit/credit is accepted. Please make checks payable to Lake Dow Children's Academy.

What your child will experience once enrolled in our Pre-K program:
The ultimate goal of the Lake Dow Children's Academy Pre-K program is to prepare your child to enter kindergarten next year, and to become a successful lifetime learner. In the short term, we will introduce much of the same scheduling and activities that will make the transition to kindergarten an easy one. Throughout the year, your child will acquire a full breadth of developmental skills necessary to successfully enter kindergarten eager and ready to learn.

Next stop, kindergarten! But first, we want to introduce and familiarize your child with the types of schedules and routines they will find when they get there. For example, one of the biggest transitions for children to get used to is the increase in whole class instruction. To get them ready, your child will participate in full group activities that are similar to what they will experience next year.

Morning Circle Time Once all students have arrived, our Pre-K day begins with Morning Circle Time. Your child is exposed to many different routines designed to increase their oral vocabulary, graphing skills, social and verbal interaction skills and their ability to participate in group activities. Morning Circle Time also gives the teacher the opportunity to work with the class as a group before they branch off into smaller groups.

Weather Each Pre-K classroom has a "meteorologist" for the day, one child who helps discuss the weather and how to prepare for it.

Calendar A calendar helper determines what day it is, the number of days that have passed in the month, the number of days that are left in the month, the number of days left until an upcoming holiday or birthday, etc.

Job Chart Pre-K children are excited about helping out during classroom routines. During Morning Circle Time, the teacher reviews the daily jobs and the children share their experiences with the jobs from prior days.

Music and Movement Music and Movement is a great time during the day for your child to get active, expand their vocabulary and learn fun, new songs. Every Friday, a music and dance instructor from Young Stars Performing Arts Center teaches an hour of music and movement. Your child has the opportunity to learn songs and dance routines for holiday events such as Christmas caroling. Your Pre-K child will also work on a special musical presentation for their Pre-K Graduation.

Song and Poem Time Songs, poems and stories are part of every day in the Pre-K classroom. Of course, they're fun for the children, but we also use them to introduce key concepts such as letters, rhythms, rhymes, vocabulary and sound recognition.

For example, once the teacher is finished introducing the poem, she will ask the group about words that rhyme, words that begin with similar or different sounds, certain vocabulary words and other elements designed to foster language and communication development. These are all key tools that will help your child learn to read when they enter kindergarten.

Learning Center Time Your child will choose which Learning Center activity to participate in. In the Learning Centers, children explore, inquire and discover solutions by themselves, with a friend or in groups.

Once your child has completed their initial Learning Center activity, they can choose another. The Pre-K Teacher works with the children in small groups to extend the Learning Center experience. Later in the day, the children will come back to the Learning Center to finish a project they started in the morning, work on their journals or pick up a whole new game to play and learn.

Computer Time Lake Dow Children's Academy recognizes the importance of computer literacy for today's children. Students begin with hands on computer activities at an early age in our center. Every week, students are allowed individual time on a computer that is designed to be fun, educational and age appropriate! Children learn best when they are excited about what they are learning. Through these activities, young children develop pre-reading skills and a love of learning. We constantly strive to make computer access a reality for children in our center.

Based on the latest research on young children and in planning quality curriculum for them, Lake Dow Children's Academy is providing avenues where young children become computer literate and develop early confidence in their ability to use computers. With an ever-increasing technological world, children enrolled in our center will have the early start they need for our society now and in the future!

Outdoor Time During the warmer months, students typically go outside to exercise, burn off some energy and develop their gross motor skills. Believe it or not, our teachers perform assessments outside too!

Story Time To foster a love for reading, your child will gather with the rest of the class to read a story, sing a song or act out a favorite book. Lake Dow Children's Academy believes in using quality children's literature to help make your child a lifetime reader. You will enjoy many of the theme related books that your Pre-K teacher shares with your child.

The teacher will spend time on each page asking the children open ended questions about the characters, certain word sounds they've been learning about, words that rhyme with words in the book, etc. This helps your child better understand how sounds come together to form words, how to use beginning and ending sounds to recognize different words and how to comprehend text. All of these skills will go a long way in helping them get a running start toward learning to read in kindergarten and beyond.

Lunch and Quiet Time After eating a healthy and nutritious lunch, the children have an opportunity to wind down during Quiet Time. Each child has a cot that they may rest or sleep on. They are also allowed to read a book quietly. As the school year progresses, the amount of Quiet Time decreases. Most kindergarten programs have Quiet Time and we want your child to be prepared for what they will experience there.

The Home Stretch Our day comes to a close with a nutritious and healthy snack, outside play and afternoon Arts & Crafts time. During afternoon Arts & Crafts, the children will review what they have learned, share their favorite center project and look ahead to tomorrow. The teacher also reviews favorite songs, poems or stories.

The Ride Home You will get a snapshot of what your child did that day from the "car talk". We urge you to use the car talk information as a going home routine to reinforce learning and build self esteem and enjoyable communication with your child. It's a great way to avoid the "I don't know" response when you ask your child what they learned that day.

Developmental Milestones:
* Repeats fine motor activities to mastery
* Draws recognizable objects
* Begins to develop longer periods of activity without rest needed
* Masters language to describe activities, stories and relationships
* Demonstrates sense of autonomy
* Becomes aware of own effect on the emotions of others and tests this concept

Developmental Goals:
Social-Emotional Development
* To promote sense of self
* To encourage responsibility for self and others
* To encourage pro-social behavior

Physical Development
* To promote gross motor skills
* To promote fine motor skills

Cognitive Development
* To promote learning and problem solving skills
* To encourage logical thinking
* To promote representational and symbolical thinking

Language Development
* To develop listening and speaking skills
* To develop reading and writing skills

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