Our Infant Program gives your child the individualized care and attention that will nurture a foundation for development. Lake Dow Children's Academy knows how quickly a baby develops in the first year of life and we offer a setting where each child is loved in a clean, safe environment that promotes ultimate growth.

The Infant Suite at Lake Dow Children's Academy provides high quality care designed with the parent and child in mind. Our Infant Program fosters the needs of newborns up to 18 months. At this early stage of development, the infant is beginning to make discoveries about his home, caregivers and other environments. Lake Dow Children's Academy is proactive in keeping a home/school connection with each child and his family.

Our infant caregivers make certain parents are informed about the high quality care their baby receives. Daily Reports will keep you abreast and involved with your child's activities and advancements.

Our educational program is designed to be developmentally appropriate. Through planned experiences, your baby will gain vital skills through activities that focus on listening and talking, physical development, creativity and the world around them. Our indoor learning environment is equipped with soft, cozy areas that allow children ample space and opportunity to strengthen the muscles essential to their physical development. Our outdoor environment is equipped with age-appropriate play spaces, which allow for fresh air and outdoor activities and exploration.

Our warm and loving atmosphere gives children a safe and secure feeling. You can return to work with the peace of mind that your child is in loving hands and that our top priority is the healthy growth and development of your child.

Developmental Milestones:
* Lifts head
* Sees objects and follows motions
* Shows emotions: happy, sad, excited
* Rolls over, sits up, stands with assistance and walks with support
* Language development emerges
* Begins to eat baby food
* Teeth emerge

Developmental Goals:
* To increase awareness of environment and a feeling of security
* To stimulate initial language development
* To encourage intellectual development
* To promote physical growth and sound nutrition
* To encourage social development
* To develop a positive self-esteem

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